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Selection of my favorite Sculpture & Design work
for commercial Metal Works clients.

Snoopy Ware

Sports Babyware Collection

ABC Collection

ABC Handle Cup

ABC Rattle

Fish Spoon Pattern

pooh and piglet spoons

Tigger Spoon

Classic Pooh Eeyore Bent Spoon

Pooh Brush and Comb

Pooh Silver Holloware Ornament

POOH Metal #2 72dpi

Classic Pooh Silver Ornaments

Classic Pooh Character Ornaments

Pewter Lute Ornament

Ginger Bread Man Pewter Ornament

Pewter Santa On Train Ornament

RR Lee Michaels

Leaf Pattern

Gold Noel Trumpet Ornament

Gold Heart Ornament

Silver Ornaments

Snowflake & Rockinghorse Bells

Pewter Questar Scope Detail

Pewter Questar Mini-Telescope

Harley Frames

Harley Details


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